Monday, January 4, 2010

Record number of students in Chinese schools ( The Star)

Monday January 4, 2010

THE number of students studying in the 61 Chinese independent schools throughout the country has reached unprecedented numbers.

Sin Chew Daily reported that 2,635 applications had to be turned down, even with student enrolment increased by 1,077.

Last year, student enrolment totalled 60,481. In 2008, the number was 58,212.

In Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, the Chinese independent schools resorted to only taking in “good students” due to their limited capacity.

Chung Hwa Independent School and Kuen Cheng Girls’ High School each turned down 400 students while Confucius Independent School had to reject 100 applications.

The daily reported that parents preferred to send their children to such schools although the fees were no longer cheap.

Their decision, the daily said, showed that parents had acknowledged the teaching system adopted by such schools.

Feedback from parents showed that they opted for Chinese independent schools due to the good discipline, dedicated teaching staff, the double system of sitting for SPM and the United Examination Cer­tificate (equivalent to SPM) and the recognition of United Examination Certificate by foreign universities.

The daily also reported that the Penang education department had adopted a new system which allowed Year 6 pupils to choose their own secondary school.

It also consented to vernacular secondary schools increasing their number of Form 1 and Remove classes.

These two measures had directly affected the student intake of Chinese independent schools in the state, it said.

Except for Jit Shin High School which maintained the size of its new students intake, three other Chinese independent schools in the state recorded a drop of 67 students.

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